The Documentary Film

The Sound of Medicine is the first installment in a documentary film series (currently in pre-production) exploring the concept of creativity and music as forms of therapy and healing. The films will explore issues surrounding depression, anxiety, addiction, grief and mental illness. The Sound of Medicine will highlight music as an integral method of coping while illuminating the powerful and essential relationship between the creative process and the mental condition.

By genuinely depicting the intricacies of the human story through interviews with imaginative artists and musicians as well as prominent members of the mental health community, the film will serve to inspire and enliven its audiences.

Human beings are a complex species with great capacity for affliction and inner tribulation. By cultivating and celebrating our uniqueness and the creative spirit we can begin to fully realize our true selves. The series will bring forth relevant concerns regarding our society’s tendency to ostracize eccentricity and will vocalize the importance of using creative outlets as weapons for combating our inner demons.

Moreover, the films will touch on the topic of the artistic temperament and its connection to mental illness. It will touch on the over-medication of youth and alternate methods of treating childhood mental health issues including depression, anxiety and autism.

Most importantly the films will inspire their audiences. They will inspire the viewer to pursue dreams, celebrate individuality, and encourage healthy and creative outlets for coping with society’s often harsh realities. At their core the films will enforce the fact that medicine does not have to come in the form of a prescription pill, bottle of alcohol, or specific body size or aesthetic. It will show that the creative process is itself a powerful and often necessary form of medicine.


“If you kill off all of my demons, my angels might die too”
-Tennessee Williams

*Film Proposal and Treatment available upon request.

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