Christina Gorman is a licensed psychotherapist (LPC) and creator of The Rare Bird Project. Her clinical and research background is in the area of mood related disorders, substance abuse and eating disorders. Her focus lies heavily on clinically complex adolescents and young adults struggling with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse diagnoses. Christina also works with issues surrounding identity, self-esteem, body image, bullying and parent/child relational issues. She is especially interested in research pertaining to the intersections between psychology, society and popular culture.

Christina has an innate passion for relating to others and for helping them identify their goals and attributes while appreciating their quirks. She works to help people individualize themselves and find their inner strengths. She stresses the importance of developing a strong sense of self in order to combat the demons that have imposed on our capacity for living our best lives.

A self-described “angst-ridden teen in recovery” Christina’s personal experiences fuel her passion for helping clients navigate the often turbulent waters of adolescence and young adulthood. Christina’s drive for empowering and inspiring young women to act authentically stems directly from her involvement with cliques, bullying and the myriad of pressures facing youth today.


Christina holds a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from DePaul Univeristy and currently works in business development for Timberline Knolls, a premier residential treatment center in Chicago specializing in the treatment of girls and women struggling with co-occurring disorders. 

Prior to her work with TK, she practiced clinical work in an adolescent substance abuse treatment center on the North Shore of Chicago and an outpatient eating disorder treatment center in the downtown metro area.

In an effort to thaw out from the frozen Chicago winters Christina now resides in North County San Diego.

Determined to realize The Rare Bird Project mission, we are currently embarking on two social entrepreneurial endeavors, a documentary film project exploring music and the creative process as forms of coping and healing as well as a national campaign initiative, Be Rare.