A psychotherapist, music fiend and aspiring world traveler with penchants for learning and laughter. A daydreamer extraordinaire and survivor of six Chicago winters. I am from San Francisco, spent a six year hiatus in the windy city and recently transplanted back to San Diego, which will always feel like home. A complex character and Rare Bird who hopes to inspire others to be so.

This blog is a gathering of tidbits on psychology, music, art, science, food and fashion. It is intended to inform, inspire, illuminate and to keep me from fidgeting.




I believe in listening, learning and growing. I believe that each of us has something exceptional to offer and that we are more alike than we are different. I believe in creativity and curiosity. I believe in science. I believe in culture and experience. I believe in the absurd. I believe that you mustn’t take yourself too seriously. I believe in the resilience of the human spirit. I believe in laughing until you cry and crying until you laugh. I believe in being a Rare Bird.



One of the many reasons for which I admire fashion designers and photgraphers is for thier ability to create enchanting images by coloring outside the lines.

 I'd like a glimpse inside the heads of those that designed and shot these ravishing pieces.

This is just exceptional.

Caroline Trentini and Gemma Ward photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue, December 2006


Recycling for the sake of art

Cara Barer is an amazing artist/photgrapher based in Houston, TX.

In her latest installment she took phone books, old computer manuals, maps and comic books and brought them to life as hypnotic sculptures.

The photos are being published in a picture book that has been added to my "I'd like to have this" list.

 Kinda trippy.


Kate Middleton for the win

Who you callin' a 'commoner'?

Happy royal wedding day! Shall we all live to enjoy castles where our ponies will one day reside.




My mantra on this rainy day.

“If you want the rainbow you’ve got to put up with the rain.”

–Dolly Parton

beautiful photo via cuba gallery


Demi Lovato opens up about her eating disorder, bipolar diagnosis and treatment

Demi recently shared with her fans and the media about her history of mental health issues and recent experience in treatment.

Here is a clip of her on Good Morning America opening up about her struggles with bullying, self injury, an eating disorder and a long undiagnosed mood disorder.

I am so grateful that she is using her celebrity-dom to raise awareness for these issues and for being an advocate against teen bullying.

 She is a brave girl and rare bird.



"La Bella Stagione"

'La Bella Stagione', how the Italians affectionatley describe the essence of their summers.

Peroni's Spring '11 ad campaign is oh-so-lovely and beautifully reflects the heritage and energy of 60s Italy.

I'm saving for my trip to Lake Como starting now.


For the record I shall be wearing this:

via tibi spring 2011


California Sunrise

One of the many life lessons I have learned from my time in Chicago is that I am undoubtedly not a winter person. Sunshine is my Prozac and I am in desperate need of a higher dose.

Mid-April and it is still freezing here. It's just not right.

This Dirty Gold video is my reprieve and is simply beautifully done.

I just want to have it streaming all day long. Perhaps I will.

Cali, wait for me. I'm coming home, sooner or later...




-Danger Mouse and Cee Lo Green

A real friendship ought to introduce each person to unexpected weirdness in the other.”

 — Jaron Lanier, You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto

These two are pretty much super humans in my book.

The duo obviously makes up Gnarls Barkley but it is really Danger Mouse and his separate side projects and unexpected collaborations that especially wow me. His ability to cross-genres and produce such original sounds is simply ingenious. He began his career with a ‘trip hop’ album, had the crazy clever idea to sample Jay-Z’s vocals and mix them with instrumentals from the Beatles’ White album (and aptly call it 'The Grey Album'), is one half of the Grammy nominated indie-rock formation Broken Bells (along with James Mercer of the Shins) annnd has produced for both Gorillaz and Beck. Oh and at the moment he just happens to be producing an album for U2.

This man is just insanely inventive and even more insanely talented.

And Cee Lo Green, well he dressed up as an oversized Fraggle for a duet with Gwyneth Paltrow at the Grammy’s. Enough said. The guy’s obviously a cool cat.

It is important to remember that for true innovation and creativity to be realized you have to get outside of your head. You must kick that inner-critic in the face and let your imagination roam. You cannot worry how others may judge or receive you. Reaching our full potential takes following our gut instincts even when they are unnerving.

True artistry comes from courage. It comes from courage to delve deep, take risks, to be weird! I have the utmost respect for individuals whom have the confidence to color outside the lines and to express themselves authentically. These two gentlemen obviously embody these qualities. Theirs is a match made in rare bird heaven.



Meet Fred, my fabulous and surprisingly unpretentious gay  uncle

Although I am not a “lady who lunches” if I were you would find me lunching at Fred’s. Daily. A little haven atop Barney’s on Rush in the gold coast of Chicago, this place is kind of magic. I suggest taking the elevator straight up to the top floor as I find the wide white spiraling staircase in Barney’s both dizzying and dangerous (to my wallet).

I actually feel an overwhelming sense of intimidation and anxiety the second I walk into this particular store. It’s one of those places where I find myself apologizing to the salespeople when I ask for assistance.

If I take the stairs up to Fred’s, not only is my credit card maxed out (on one completely frivolous item) by the time I reach the top, but I am somehow out of breath, sweating and frazzled. Barney’s has always left me feeling defeated somehow, like I am an impostor.

Fred on the other hand is like my many non-blood gay uncles whom, throughout my childhood, my mother had over to the house to smoke cigarettes and talk window decorations (balloon valances like you wouldn't believe!). Yes, Fred’s is surprisingly warm, non-stuffy and decently priced. A glass of Sauv-B from NZ for eight bucks!? In the gold coast? I’ll take two!

Sit at the bar. Amazing people watching annnnnnd (best part) they give you complimentary french fries. Wedge cut yet still crispy on the outside with warm and fluffy innards. Perfectly seasoned with three dipping sauces.

The only problem is that after an afternoon spent sipping Sauv-B with my fabulous gay uncle, all rationality and self-control flies out the window. The once snobby salespeople become my new bff's, the grossly overpriced and unnecessary merchandise become 'investment pieces' and my credit card and I find ourselves taking the stairs on the way down.



Arcade Fire + Blondie = my happy place

For some reason this puts me in the middle of an enchanted forest...on roller-skates.