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This blog is a gathering of tidbits on psychology, music, art, science, food and fashion. It is intended to inform, inspire, illuminate and to keep me from fidgeting.




I believe in listening, learning and growing. I believe that each of us has something exceptional to offer and that we are more alike than we are different. I believe in creativity and curiosity. I believe in science. I believe in culture and experience. I believe in the absurd. I believe that you mustn’t take yourself too seriously. I believe in the resilience of the human spirit. I believe in laughing until you cry and crying until you laugh. I believe in being a Rare Bird.


Pearl and The puppets for a rainy day

Irish pop band and a pretty piano ballad:
Don't be put off by the baby in the womb intro.  ;)
Just because.

RE-READING and thanksgiving packing:

In anticipation of Joan Didion's new book, Blue Nights (I'm waiting until it really feels like winter outside to start it-that just seems apropos), I am currently re-reading The White Album.

The first time I read this compilation of essays discussing the turbulent times of the late 60's was on a trip to Mexico:

The last sighting of my fave Ray bans. :(

Now re-reading it in the fall, the book gives off a totally different mood.

I am using her short and sweet packing list as inspiration for my Thanksgiving holdiay trip to Santa Barbara, minus the cigs and the bourbon. And yes, I may in fact be bringing a typewriter. ;)


I'm still so bummed I missed the Broadway production of her book, The Year of Magical Thinking that ran a few year's ago.

I heard it was Amaze!


Happy T-day Everyone!!






America The Beautiful 2-The Thin Commandments

Timberline Knolls recently sponsored a film screening of the documentary, America the Beautiful 2.

In the film, the director Darryl Roberts challenges the notion that fad diets are successful by "making a broadside against the diet industry". 

And according to, makes a "compelling case that the so-called obesity epidemic has been grossly inflated by the misapplication of the Body Mass Index (BMI), a one-size-fits-all formula which categorized 29 million previously healthy Americans as overweight or obese".

Under the current guidelines, Wil Smith falls into the 'obese' category and I'm sure we can all agree that's ridiculous.

Darryl does a great job validating the argument that Americans have an insane obsession with dieting and so-called 'healthful eating'. The dieting industry is a $50 billion racket and the fact of the matter is that 95% of diets FAIL. 

The film's director, Darryl Roberts and myself 

Other tough to swallow stats from the film:

100 million Americans are obese.

Four out of five women are dissatisfied with the way they look.

On any given day almost 50% of women are on a diet

So are 25% of men.



The film is definitely worth a look-see.

Check out the trailer:


Lesson (like we haven't heard it all before): Listen to your body, eat healthfully, indulge in moderation and exercise!

Lesson #2: Everyone's body is meant to be different and fitting into a size 2 is NOT the grand prize in the game of life. 

Further reading:

Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole

Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon



Listening: Burberry Acoustic

I currently have these little delights on repeat:

One of my fave Brit bands, Life In Film:

And if you're like me and a sucker for the sound of a girl singing to a ukulele then you shall love this chickadee, Misty Miller:

Happy Thursday!



Up up up...

...and over and over again.

 This is the jam to keep you energized when you're spent from working your tail off.

Or when you're trying to give up coffee like I am. I'm seriously dragging.

I think people who don't need caffeine are aliens. Same goes for 'morning people'. 




Kenzo Spring 2012 collection set into paintings


South African blogger Miss Moss took looks from hip fashion line, Kenzo's spring look book (the line was recently taken over by creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of Opening Ceremony) and re-imagined her fave looks into a completely different lanscape.

Result is super magical, don't ya think?




Paintings from top to bottom: Isaac Grünewald – The Garden Path, Axel Kargel – The Road; Sven Westman – Scenery In The South of France, Hilding Linnqvist – The Terrace, Torsten Jovinge – The Monastery, Menton, Waldemar Lorentzon – Boats; painting images courtesy of Bukowskis

More information at




Gaga on Stern. This woman is Legit.

May we all "live and dance in purgatory" together.



RIP Amy Jade, fellow Virgo and Rare Bird


What makes me saddest is that everyone is saying "this is so devastating, but not surprising". Even her mom is reporting she felt Amy's death was only a "matter of time".

I hate that we had all sort of lost hope for her.

It makes me so sick to know that she had to succumb to this disease. It makes me incredibly angry to see it slaughter such a rare and beautiful spirit like this. What's worse is that this disease is torturing people we love and care about every day, often without our knowing. What's worse than that is that we often feel like we can't do anything about it when we do.

It's easy to give up on addicts. I know firsthand how damn frustrating they can be to deal with. I know how hopeless the fight to save their lives can seem. The fight to get them to see themselves as we do-to see their strengths, talents, beauty and worth. You see, addicts lack self-worth.

As an addict, the most terrifying thing in the world is the concept of living one second inside their own skin without that method of numbing out the pain.

 Addicts are typically their own worst enemy. No matter how they've wronged you, they've wronged themselves far worse. And no matter how much you hate them for wronging you as they have, they hate themselves far worse than that. 

Lugging around a lifetime's worth of self-hatred and contempt on your back is brutally painful. Top that off with the guilt and shame they feel for the messes they've made? I'd want to numb out too. 

But I also know that by not giving up on them we can potentially save their lives. I've held the hands of countless sick individuals taking that terrifying leap of entering treatment, of confronting all of their messy, traumatizing, embarrassing pasts head on. I've also watched them walk out the door prematurely when those memories felt too difficult to deal with. It's heartbreaking, really.

And you know what? Sometimes people just truly aren't ready. Some people may never be. But unless we continue to support them and let them know they are loved and worthy of a positive life, even when all we want to do is turn our backs once and for all, the ones that may be ready for change may never take that leap.

Amy Winehouse was such an exceptional, almost otherworldly talent. We were all mesmerized by her.

By her jazzy, raspy voice, her retro stlye (way to bring back the beehive!) and her almost cartoonish persona.

She seemed like a figure from another era.

She was an exceptional talent and sadly, a tortured soul.


Most people know music from her second album, Back to Black, but my hope is that people will go back and have a listen to her previous work.

In 2003 Amy released her debut album, Frank, and it is really beautiful. The album has a more jazzy vibe and what's truly remarkable for a debut artist, Amy co-wrote every song apart from two cover tracks.

Here's a little ditty that'll be new to a lot of people.

Addiction kills, my friends. 'Tis a very sad and scary, but chillingly true story.

Yes, her celebrityhood surely added fuel to the fire but this woman was an addict and I believe she would have numbed out whatever it was she was battling inside regardless of her fame and career. 



This was a young woman who was truly suffering inside. May her inner demons finally be put to bed and may she finally be at peace.


And the award for the most strangely wonderful runway show goes to...

Iris van Herpen! Specializing in "Escapism Couture" (what?) her recent runway show in Berlin was absolutley nutso in the most amazing sorta way.

I want some of what she's taking. 



I'm not even sure MK (do we still call Mary Kate, MK?) could pull this off!

I'm pretty sure this chick is from the future.

So creative and interesting.